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Inspiring Change Transformation Creativity

Through The Power Of Art

By programs that enable the development of South Africa and Africa’s social and economic landscapes.


The mission of Survé Philanthropies is to support and positively impact disadvantaged and
marginalised communities through initiatives which enable the transformation of South Africa and
Africa’s social and economic landscapes. These initiatives will focus on the following areas: Arts and
Culture, Education, Youth Development and Entrepreneurship, Human Rights and Social Justice, and
Environmental Sustainability.

Our Pillars

Arts and Culture

Survé Philanthropies supports various organisations that empower and uplift communities through programmes that promote arts and culture.


Support is given to organisations that offer educational programmes, from Early Childhood Development to tertiary level.

Youth Development

Survé Philanthropies supports projects that broaden the horizons of youth from previously-disadvantaged communities.

Social Entrepreneurship

 In partnership with community-based organisations, Survé Philanthropies develops entrepreneurship through social impact investment.

Human Rights and Social Justice

Survé Philanthropies supports and partners with organisations involved with advocacy and education on issues such as Gender-Based Violence, Disability and Women’s and Children’s Rights.

Environmental Sustainability

Supporting issues of climate change, relating to water, energy, recycling and food, is a commitment made by Survé Philanthropies

Bursaries & Funding

The objective is to support and have a beneficial impact on underprivileged and marginalized populations through the Bursary and Funding initiative.