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Human Rights and Social Justice

Survé Philanthropies supports and partners with organisations involved with advocacy and education on issues such as Gender-Based Violence, Disability and Women’s and Children’s Rights.

Human Rights Media Centre

Established in 2000, the HRMC is an organisation that promotes awareness and activism around human rights, through various narrative history projects, research, art, media, educational material, and social interventions. 

Women and Beyond

Women and Beyond provides multi-disciplinary services and support to women and children dealing with issues related to poverty and gender-based violence.   Their Legacy Programme, in partnership with schools, focuses on instilling positive values in girls and empowering them to reach their goals.  

Langa Community Advice Services (Imagine Award, 2018)

Based in the heart of Langa, this organisation provides the community with much-needed help with a range of matters including municipal, civic and legal problems, with the assistance of paralegals. These matters include unfair dismissal, old age pensions, disability grants and much more.

DeafSA (Imagine Award, 2018)

The focus of DeafSA Western Cape is on providing services to the deaf community, like psycho-social support, life skills workshops and job placement programmes. Advocacy and language support are also prioritised. Outreach is done within the hearing community, as well, in raising awareness of the difficulties experienced by deaf people and how much is possible in providing better access.