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Environmental Sustainability

Supporting issues of climate change, relating to water, energy, recycling and food, is a commitment made by Survé Philanthropies.

Breede Valley Association for Persons with Disabilities

BVAPD provides services and programmes for persons with disabilities. Their Work and Employment Unit is aimed at assisting persons with disabilities to develop skills, be a part of an activity group, enter the open labour and become entrepreneurs. Survé Philanthropies supports their growing Recycling programme.

Mhani Gingi (Imagine Award, 2018)

This organisation tackles poverty alleviation by teaching members of marginalised groups skills that can be put to use in their own communities. Sustainable food gardening is its flagship programme. Through partnerships with various stakeholders, it has been possible to start food gardens in different parts of the Cape Flats and to broaden the concept innovatively to include wheelchair users.